Professional Meteor Development & Consulting

Meteor is an open source JavaScript platform for web, mobile and desktop applications building. We use Meteor combined with our deep understanding of latest technologies to provide you full-stack development services.

Main Reasons to Use Meteor

Logo of Meteor Framework

Speed. Obviously, the faster you develop your Minimal Viable Product, the sooner you can see if the idea is worth investing into. Creating prototypes in a couple of days, MVPs in a week, production-ready apps in several months and developing them into large web applications later is what Meteor JS is ideal for.

Cross-platform development. With its ability to produce cross-platform code, Meteor JS strikingly reduces the amount of work and time you’ll need to develop web, Android and iOS applications.

Interoperability. After implementing a simple DDP protocol, you will be able to connect anything to Meteor - native mobile applications, legacy databases and even microprocessors.

Something special about us?


We conduct Meteor courses in Ternopil, Ukraine. With Meteor JS, we’ve found an ecosystem so useful that we decided to launch a 3-month course 100% free for more than 20 students interested in learning Meteor JS.

JSSolutions Academy

JSSolutions Acedemy is a developer incubation program for students and people who strive to learn coding and kickstart their career in IT. The academy will help them become full-time developers, freelancers, entrepreneurs or engage in exciting startups.


We conduct meetings for Meteor developers in Ternopil, Ukraine.

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