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MeteorJS Apps and Source Example

Before the development of an application or a startup, we ask ourselves: which technology should we choose? Clients often ask us, if Meteor is appropriate for their application. 

The correct choice of a platform for building web and mobile apps is one of the most important tasks for a successful development of a startup. 

So we gathered a small list of applications whose founders chose Meteor. You can test these applications, and in some cases even check out the open source code constructed in Meteor. 

  1. Databazel.com

    The analytical and reporting solution for MongoDB

  2. Astronomer.io

    Tools to get user events from your app, and into your analytics and marketing services and databases.

  3. Workpop.com

    Workpop is a completely free service for the best employers and candidates in LA. Unlimited job postings, rich tools, and the best candidates, all for free. - Raised $7.9 Million in funding

  4. Pintask.me

    Task tracker with Kanban board, free for life + Custom extensions

  5. Mathfights.com

    MathFights - Become a Math Champion - CodeFights Scores $2.4 Million To Turn Coding Practice Into A Game

  6. Reactioncommerce.com - Source

    Reaction Commerce is a reactive, open source ecommerce platform built with JavaScript, Node.js, MongoDB, Meteor, CoffeeScript, Bootstrap, and Docker.

  7. Illustreets.co.uk

    England’s best places to live

  8. Codermania.com - Source

    New e-learning platform for learning to code interactively.

  9. Doopoll.co

    A platform for helping groups of people to make decisions in an unbiased, democratic and efficient way.

  10. Tangoedit.com

    Is a video editing system being created to free filmmakers from expensive desktop hardware, and open up a new world of media creation and sharing possibilities.

  11. Crowducate.me - Source

    An open education platform

  12. Getcleanio.com

    Laundry and dry cleaning on demand

  13. Coderstv.com - Source

    Watch programming videos or broadcast your coder skills with the world

  14. Etherpos.com

    Retail point of sale system.

  15. Hast.me

    An on-the-fly presentation for everyone

  16. Getliquid.io

    Collect, share, and analyze data

  17. Mixmax.com

    Apps for Gmail – raised their round A ($1.5M).

  18. Movienr.com

    Social way of discovering movies while engaging with fellow movie addicts

  19. Respond.ly

    Team Inbox for Email & Twitter

  20. Sedimently.com

    Knowledge base for startups without wikicomplications

  21. Teamput.com

    Simple and uniquely effective sticky-note app that gives every team member a voice in idea generation.

  22. Telescopeapp.org - Source

    A social news platform

  23. GID - Source

    Application for self organisation and time management.

  24. Thelongestchain.com

    This a side project of mine about sharing images or words others will like to spread.

  25. Sandstorm.io - Source

    Sandstorm is a radically easier way to run a personal cloud server.

  26. Graspwise.com

    An interactive workspace for creative research & planning

  27. Linklyapp.com

    Linkly let's you share ideas easily with friends and colleagues

  28. Share911.com

    Share911 is the simple, fast and affordable emergency response and management platform for your school, business or building.

  29. Lookback.io

    Web app that allows you to replay actions of your users. Webapp is in Meteor, iOS client talks to it in DDP. ($2.2M in seed funding)

  30. Classcraft.com

    Web-based and iOS game for classrooms, used by over 18,000 teachers in 50 countries. The iOS game usesObjectiveDDP library - iOS DDP client for connecting to Meteor servers.

  31. Getmagicnow.com

    A startup that got viral on TechCrunch and Hacker News has built its internal software on Meteor. Magic has recently raised their $12M series A funding.

  32. Versoapp.com

    Beautiful mobile hybrid app available in both Google Play and AppStore. A desktop/mobile/phonegap application to help teachers 'flip' a classroom - in other words to enhance learning by engaging with content and other students digitally at home and performing exercises in class with the teacher.

  33. Greenqloud.com - Source

    A cloud storage provider uses Meteor for the web app.

  34. Looppulse.com - Source

    Collect and analyze the movements of clients based on their signal from wifi hotspots in a building.

  35. Madeye.io

    Collaborative code editing from your browser (includes shared terminal!).

  36. Grovelabs.io

    Grove builds beautiful products to make local, healthy food accessible to everyone on the planet. $2.2M in funding: Grove Labs | CrunchBase

  37. Usercycle.com

    Analytics For Early-Stage Products

  38. Tower.io

    Mobile app that builds communities within buildings. Tower connects people within residential towers, office buildings, and even temporary towers such as resorts, cruise ships, or festivals. It allows people to share ideas, goods, services, and more. They can connect based on interests, form public or private groups, and have events.

  39. Hagglemate.com

    Hagglemate helps you find the biggest discounts from Amazon Warehouse Deals. Find discounts of more than 60% off of all of your purchases.

  40. Wishpool.me

    Wishpool is the simplest way to get customer feedback. Install it in seconds, then gather feedback without human operator.

  41. Chaser.io

    Your invoices paid on time, automatically. Spend less time chasing invoices. Improve your cashflow with Chaser credit control for Xero.

  42. 99folks.com

    To help people make networking with people around you via geolocation, sharing your social profiles and emails.

  43. Meteorkitchen.com

    Is a code generator for Meteor.js

  44. Flightnoodle.com

    European multistop flights - on a map!

  45. Pith.li

    Pith.li is a service that allows you to highlight and store the best bits of the web. The yellow marker for the digital age!

  46. Versoapp.com

    Verso is used commercially by thousands of schools to deliver flipped classroom content, analyze student progress, and measure teacher performance.

  47. Blonk.co

    Blonk is a mobile job search app built by a single developer.

  48. Guestassistant.com

    GuestAssistant is a platform for Hotels & Apartments all made with Meteor (backend & App)

  49. Knotable.com

    Knotable is made up of knotes. Knotes hold ideas, conversations and files. Knotes are grouped by Knotepads.

  50. Ekkli.com

    With Ekkli you can quickly draw the path to your goals, which not only tracks all your tasks but also shows you the big picture: where you’re at & where you’re going.

  51. Torshtalent.com

    Is your private space to reflect on practice, receive coaching, mentor others and build community.

  52. Geosenti.com

    Hyperlocal lead generation for restaurants

  53. Growthtools.io

    The Ultimate Database of Growth Hacking and Marketing Tools

  54. Tronko

    Is a chat app that lets you recommend and get recommendations of movies and TV shows from your friends.

  55. Chatra

    Live chat software

  56. Vector - Source

    Is an administration panel package for Meteor

  57. Orion - Source

    Is a simple and powerful CMS for meteor

This list is incomplete and will be continuously updated, so if you know an application written in Meteor, mention it in the comments below and we`ll add it to the list.