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What makes us outstanding?

Open source development by JSSolutions

Open source development. We have launched 5 open-source projects

Innovations by JSSolutions

Innovation. We have launched 2 own projects

Research by JSSolutions

We long to make UI of each our project as simple as possible.

We believe that interaction with computers should be as effortless as human communication.

JSSolutions is a software development company for


Compilance Management
Data analytics
Data visualization
Event management
Food delivery
Mobile App
Real estate
Social network
Web App


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Latest blog posts

Typical Project Workflow at JSSolutions

Here is the workflow we at JSSolutions prefer when it comes to the development of a new project. Discussing the project. The client describes what their...

27 March 2017

Best Tools and Frameworks for Fast Mobile App Development

In most cases, when the idea of the project comes in your mind, you want to turn it into reality and bring to the market as ...

11 June 2017

Building Native Mobile Apps with GraphQL

For almost a year now, attention of the whole Meteor community has been drawn to the Apollo project. At ReactEurope 2016 conference, Martijn Walraven from Meteor...

10 March 2017

How to Build a Telegram Chat Bot with Meteor

Here is the highlight of the presentation about chat bots given within TernopilJS meetup on September 26, 2016. What Is a Chat Bot? A bot is...

19 October 2016

Reaction Commerce: Pros and Cons of MeteorJS E-commerce Solution

Despite the steady growth in online sales, today only 9% of retailers have an online shop, according to Harvard Business Review...

21 April 2016

How to Build an E-learning Platform: 5 Tips for Creating the Next Coursera

E-learning platforms give us a chance to discover new information, specialize in any industry and ...

22 June 2017

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